Managing Your Web Services Can Be Easy

HawkSites makes managing your web presence a breeze. From single-click installation tools to simple shared document storage, HawkSites does the work so you don't have to. Get state-of-the-art. Get HawkSites.

Create Your Website

Make your web presence easy, so you can focus on your business. HawkSites offers a number of services with each hosting plan, designed to help you accomplish your goals without worrying about the technical stuff.

Setup your website in just minutes using our top of the line site builders. Already have a website? No problem -- bringing new content to our servers is easy! We give you numerous options to use your pre-existing page or create a new one, all from our online control panel!

Manage Your Documents

Manage your shared documents with HawkSites, straight from the control panel! We give you full control over your files, unlike many cloud providers which make ownership and privacy a murky issue. HawkSites offers web-based secure document storage with WebDAV, which allows you to edit your own files right on your computer! Want to edit on-the-go? No problem, try our single-click Document Management software.

Single-click Software

Tired of struggling to install and configure custom software? Struggle no more! HawkSites provides you with easy-to-install software packages from your web-based control panel. No matter what you want, HawkSites can help you.

Looking to start a blog? No problem, we can help! Trying to optimize your site for search-engine discovery? We provide several single-click search engine opitimization tools. Want to manage your billing, accounting, or customer relationships? We provide that too. Worried about setting up your first e-Commerce website? No problem, it's just a click away!

Account Management

Here at HawkSites, we offer the very best in account management and control. For billing and services management, HawkSites uses the advanced WHMCS management solution, which helps you get support in a jiffy. Want to extend your services? Just select your add-ons from the account manager and they will be setup in minutes. For managing your web presence, HawkSites offers each customer a secure, advanced web control panel powered by cPanel, the industry's leading control panel technology.

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