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Having trouble configuring your website? Our support knowledgebase can help you set up your web presence. From broken pages to custom configuration, we have seen it all. If you can't find a solution, login to your account and send us a note -- we promise to address your problem in under 24 hours!

Support Knowledge Base

Consult the KnowledgeBase to determine the best solutions to some common problems for our users.

Configure DNS

All domains hosted with HawkSites must be configured to use our nameservers. These can be configured through your domain registrar. Simply set the nameservers to and

Add a Subdomain

Login to your web control panel and click on the 'subdomains' option. There, simply type in the subdomain you wish to add, and click 'configure'.

Secure a Directory

Login to your web control panel and click on the 'web protect' option under site management. Click the directory you wish to protect, and set a password. Your directory is now secure!

Upload Your Website

Simply point your favorite file transfer program to on port 21. Use port 22 for secure transfer. Then, transfer the files to the 'public_html' directory, which is where your website is stored!

Setup a Database

Login to your control panel and select the 'New Database' option under 'Databases'. Name your database, and add a user account to administer the database. It can now be accessed from your web applications!

Access My Control Panel

Visit to login to your web control panel.

Backup a Website

Login to your web control panel and click on 'download a backup'. Choose a filename to save the backup, and click 'download'.

Access Webmail

Visit to login to your webmail account.

Configure Outlook/Thunderbird

Login to your web control panel and click on 'configure Outlook' under email. Follow the directions.

Access Email on a Smartphone

Coming Soon.

View Website Logs

Login to your web control panel and choose a type of log presentation under 'Statistics'. Click and view!

Install a Blog

Coming Soon.